Chromakeying or green screening is the placing of an artificial background behind a person or object in order to complete the desired shot. We are proud to be the premier green screen facility in the North West, possibly the whole of the north,  In our north Manchester hire studio green screen can be achived in either studio. In our large infinity cove studio we have green walls and floor for full body and product shots. In our smaller soundproof studio we have colorama to achieve either green or blue screen visual effects. The key to any successful use of chromakey is lighting it adequately and correctly.  You get a green screen lighting expert included in the hire charge or we offer full crew for the day. See our rates for more details.
On this page you’ll find various productions filmed by Galleon Productions green screen within the studio.  Our experience of green screen is second to none so we encourage you to use us for lighting and, if possible, filming of your green screen productions.

If you have any questions regarding using green screen in your productions then do give Galleon Studios a call.