Web videos for any company are both affordable and effective. Contact Galleon Studios now.

Stat time! With 300 hours of video are uploaded to youtube per minute it’s important to make sure it’s your content that people end up watching.  You need to generate eye catching and engaging videos.  People come to Galleon Studios as we have a history of being involved in the cutting edge, entertaining films for the web.

If you’re looking to produce a short web video for whatever reason then feel free to pick our brains.  Whether it’s a viral video, piece to camera, or brief product video we have experience and can help you avoid any pitfalls.

What’s more we are a google accredited Digital Agency so can ensure not only a fantastic video production but ensure people see it using our video SEO skills.

On this page you’ll find a selection of web videos shot in the soundproof facilty of our studios. These can be filmed in front of green screen but are equally effective shot against a splash of colour such as one of our coloramas (included free of charge).  Our soundproof studio is 14ft by 26 ft by 10ft high.  As such it is perfect for pieces-to-camera and small sets such as those you see in the gallery below. What’s more we have autocues that make the whole process a doddle!

Unless otherwise stated all films are shot by Galleon Productions.